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As you all may have noticed, as each month passes by, I don't come on here for a week.
Recently, I had a big scare on Thursday that led me to the ER. It definitely was scary for me. I’m ok right now though. This is the second time I experienced this, but was on my monthly this time. I was in pain with cramps, shaking a lot and I felt so cold. I was white as a sheet. It lasted for 2 hours. I actually threw up twice and I haven’t thrown up in 22 years so it definitely was worse this time. I’m having a follow up appointment on the 31st, so keep me in your prayers.
I have an idea what I have, but I dunno what stage it's in (it requires surgery to figure that out).
I had my OBGYN tell me it's very possible that I have endometriosis and it's the only thing that makes sense to me.
What is endometriosis?:…
It gets in the way of my life where I can't function and I can experience those symptoms anytime so that doesn't mean I have to be on my monthly. I tried birth control for medical uses, but it made it even worse for me.
I've been looking up diets to possibly help me and I have a lot of dairy in my diet so that may be the source to cut back a bit on it. I have been and it's really hard to do. I get scared to do simple things like drawing or walking or writing or texting. I just hate it. I've had this since I was 17 years old and I'm 26 years old now and it's only getting worse. The ER said my symptoms were having a cyst rupture.
Sorry, this is a bit venty, but even though this is kinda personal, it does cripple my art life. So please, excuse me if I don't respond right away and if I don't have art up right away. ;A; There's just too many things going on in my life right now. Lots of good stuff to keep me busy, but the health part is the downside of it. OTL
Art's the only job I can really have though. Hopefully, we can get our shop up soonish once things settle down. I just hope I can get some income, but even that's slowly coming in. Airwin's my support with our wedding too. I just wish I could do things, but I'm not giving up at all. There are good days and bad days with my health but I make the best of it. :) Baby steps.

Thank you for reading. uwu
God Bless.

- Yennie Fer

Facebook Remote Angel Facebook Page:…
P.O. Box 47 
Chillicothe, OH 45601
August 2015 Edit:

FEW DAYS LEFT! I might extend it only because we have a last minute trip to do so if it's ok that the extension will be September 15th, would that work for everyone?


Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] So happy to announce volume 2 is finally done!!!
While in the self-publishing works, I will be holding a contest
to have YOUR work, yes, YOUR WORK inside the manga! Your art
will receive credit linked to your art website like in volume 1:

In this contest, everyone wins to have your work inside the
published manga!

The 1st prize winner will have their fanart on a full page of
the book and will win a physical copy of Remote Angel Volume 2!
Also, this contest is for Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Smackjeeves, Tapastic, PaigeeWorld ect!! It doesn't have to be dA only! Just as long as you don't care to receive points as prize or not.

Here are the rules!:

1. You mainly have to draw any of the listed characters below.
Each will have a name with references with it. For those new to
Remote Angel or haven't gotten far in the series, you can read
it here:…

Alice Desangi:… (human form)…
(angel form with weapon)

Fiona Saizam:…

Milk Natsgol:…

Zero Rillem:……


Niri Namilos:…

Becky Desangi:…



2. No ecchi/hentai/yuri/yaoi/base works

3. Please draw the characters in their outfits to show how they
are represented.

4. No lineart/sketches. Your work has to be colored! I know
these will be printed black and white for standard printing but
possibly will have printed colored copies too for when I launch
the Kickstarter!

5. Your image dimensions must be: 1787×2555 and have 300 dpi

6. Sign your image as well with your signature.

7. Post in your description a link back to this journal about
the contest and link to the manga… and tag 3 people who you
think who should also enter!

8. It's first come, first served. Only an amount of 50 entries
can be put into the manga.

9. Media that's accepted: Digital art, traditional art,
sculpture, and cosplay.

10. You can draw more than one character in the drawing! Edit: One entrant did more than one drawing and I guess I wasn't clear on the rules here with that. ^^; But I'll allow anyone to draw more than one drawing too.

DEADLINE: September 1, 2015 (If you are still on reserve and cannot make it, please let me know a month before the deadline in case someone else would want to enter!)


(If anyone wants to donate prizes, please note
:iconfaithwalkers: Also, each entrant, once this book is
published, you will see a preview of it inside. Just ask! C: )

First Place:

Remote Angel Volume 2 physical copy!
2 Remote Angel bookmarks of your choice: Remote Angel Bookmarks
Your fanart on a full page inside Volume 2!
150 points

Second Place:
Your fanart will be published with credit inside volume 2! (Not
full page though. Smaller thumbnail)
1 Remote Angel bookmark of your choice!
100 points

Third Place:
Your fanart will be published with credit inside volume 2! (Not
full page though. Smaller thumbnail)
50 points

Consolation prizes:
Everyone's entry will have their thumbnails of their work inside
the manga. Credit will be given to each user with their website

Possible Ideas:
- Your favorite moment from Remote Angel from what you read
online (It doesn't have to be this so you don't get any bonus points by using this idea)


I will be judging each entry on:
- Lineart
- Coloring
- Does it fit the character(s)?
And no, you won't get an automatic win if you're a close friend
of mine. =P

Entries (SLOTS FULL!):

1. :iconguineapiggy:
2. :iconan1m3ch1c: 
3. :iconpakchoi: (reserved)
4. :iconpk-alice: (reserved)
5. :iconihopelesss: (reserved)
6. mysteriousanimegirl from PaigeeWorld (reserved)
7. :iconlyricalupin: (reserved)
8. :iconprismpower23: (reserved)
9. :iconjessicutie: (reserved)
10. ninjashield5  from PaigeeWorld 
11. :iconhimehisagi: (reserved)
12. :iconkyr-kun-chan: (reserved)
13. :iconkaidamona: (reserved)
14. :iconchristianchick91: (reserved)
15. :iconscilentnight: 
16. NitztheBloody  on Smackjeeves Entry was submitted via private message, not uploaded
17. :iconmoonmute: Entry: 
18. :iconhljon: Entry: 
19. :iconcaseydrawings: (reserved)
20. :iconblackania: (reserved)
21. :iconkoolkat42o: (reserved)
22. Mioritsuma from PaigeeWorld (reserved)
23. :iconcode-sonic: (reserved)
24. :iconvvincentt: Entry: 
26. :icondraconine: (reserved)  
27. :icontakane815: (reserved)
28. :iconmdestroyer27: (reserved)
29. :iconikedayumiko: 
30. :iconleticialovesnalu: (reserved)
31. :icondrkcirius: (reserved)
32. :iconprismbell: (reserved)
33. :iconrinatan-chu: (reserved)
34. :iconfia94: 
35. :icongunzur: 
36. :iconparikuu: (reserved)
37. :iconcraveinpitchblack: (reserved)
38. :iconjustjakk: (reserved)
39. :iconnowakidragon: (reserved)
40. :iconlcmetalart: (reserved)
41. :iconhinoiiri: 
42. :iconms3magicartz: (reserved)
43. :iconangolmoi: (reserved)
44. :iconterrathefox: 
45. :iconjuralynobra: 
46. :iconaerite: (reserved)
47. :iconturquoisekittycat: (reserved)
48. :iconhopebringer-jem: (reserved)
49. :iconundecidedness: (reserved)
50. :iconjasmineby65: 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! ^___^

- Yennie Fer

Facebook Remote Angel Facebook Page:…
P.O. Box 47 
Chillicothe, OH 45601


FaithWalkers has started a donation pool!
400 / 1,000
Points to get another premium membership!
Every point counts. :iconpapcryplz:
Thank you so much!

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Yennie Fer and Airwin
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Yes, this is both of us! (Airwin and Yennie Fer)
We're a couple artists working together for God on our ministry, FaithWalkers.

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